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An English Enthusiast  by F. Elrington Ball
September 26th, 1919
The beauty of Mount Merrion is well known. Nature and art have combined to make the demesne .....read more >> 
Mount Merrion - its Eighteenth Century Charms
A series of letters from the Irish Times 26 September 1919
made available by EVANNA KENNEDY / Posted: November 16, 2019
Letter to Mrs. Clayton  by J. Wainright
Merrion, September 6, 1735
Madam, - I have now been a few days at a house of which Lord Fitzwilliam is the proprietor .....read more>> 
Letter to the Duke of Newcastle  by J. Wainright
Mount Merrion, June 17, 1736
My Lord, - If your Grace would not think of me like Chaucer's serjeant-at-law .....read more>> 
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