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2020-2021 Season preview
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In order to attract the best possible panel of speakers for you our members and friends we have to plan at least a season in advance.
We are delighted to have secured the services of a wonderful group of people to deliver talks on an eclectic range of topics.
1st Oct 2020 The Arms Crisis of 1970 (the plot that never was) Michael Heney
5th Nov 2020 The Bloodied Field
The Croke Park Killings on Bloody Sunday
Michael Foley
3rd Dec 2020 Constance Markievicz
Irish Revolutionary
Anne Haverty
7th Jan 2021
The great Houses of South Dublin
Karen D’Alton Poff and June Bow
4th Feb 2021 Buck Whaley
Ireland’s greatest Adventurer
David Ryan
4th Mar 2021 Eileen Gray
her work and her world
Jennifer Goff
1st Apr 2021 Ulysses at 100
the Characters in Dean’s Grange
Seamus Cannon
6th May 2021 The History of the Irish Quakers Christopher Moriarty
Michael Heney: former Producer of Primetime and voted European Journalist of the year will shortly have his book ‘The Arms Crisis of 1970’ on the bookshelves. Michael will be one of our early speakers.
Michael Foley:  senior Journalist with the Sunday Times and best selling author of The Bloodied Field, Croke Park Nov 21st 1920. Michael will be our November speaker.
Jennifer Goff: curator at the Nation Museum in Collins Barracks and is a world- renowned expert and author on Eileen Gray and her works. That makes for a wonderful talk.
Anne Haverty: novelist, poet and member of Aosdána. Her acclaimed book ‘Constance Markievicz, an Independent life’ has just been updated and reissued. We will be first to hear her speak about this incredible Lady.
Karen Poff and June Bow: These two incredible ladies have done amazing research into the lives and residents of more than 150 great homes from Dundrum to Monkstown. Amazing, check out their website <> . Hear their story in the new year.
Christopher Moriarty: curator of the Quaker Archives and Library. He will enlighten us on the Origins and History of the Quakers in Ireland.
David Ryan: Historian, Film Producer, Scriptwriter and author of two brilliant Irish Historical Novels. His Buck Whaley book is brilliant and he will tell us all about Ireland’s first great adventurer.
Seamus Cannon: local historian and Chairman of the Friends of the  Joyce Tower Society. Seamus will take us on a hilarious guided tour of Deans Grange Cemetery where at least 20 of the Characters from ULYSSES are buried .